AS 2001 Allpro Long

The Allpro Long was built with speed skaters in mind!  The added length allows to profile and sharpen longer blades. The AS 2001 Allpro has earned the reputation of a precision sharpening machine desired by many professional hockey teams and skaters around the world, along with elite pro shops and sport stores. 

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Made in Sweden


  • Most Technologically Advanced Sharpening Machine
  • Sharpens All Hockey and Figure Skates
  • Keeps your PROSHARP PROFILE®
  • Increase Glide Speed and 2x the Grip with CHANNEL Z
  • Easy to Change from Sharpening to Profiling (5 sec)
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Port for Vacuum Cleaner
  • A Wheel Sharpens approx. 300 Pairs of Skates
  • A Wheel Profiles approx. 500 Pairs of Skates
  • Over 50 Profiling Templates to Choose From
  • Maintains Desired Wheel Pressure and Speed From Heel to Toe
  • Hand-Built Construction for Precision, Quality, and Durability
  • Knowledgeable Service Department
  • More than 30 Yrs. of Expertise
  • Third party certified machine by Intertek
  • 3 Yrs. Limited Warranty or <30,000 cycles

Includes: 10 Popular Templates*, Synthetic Diamond Dresser, M-70 Grinding Wheel, and Diamond Hone

YouTube Videos From ProSharp® World 

MoDo player with new Profiles Sharpening
Sharpening Figure Skates
Channel Z
ProSharp Profiling

Technical Data:
Power: 1 phase 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, 300 Watt
Dimensions: 1,27 x 0,35 x 0,30 meters (L/W/H)
Weight: 54 kg

*Template Set: 12, 13, 14, 17, Quad 1, Quad 2, Detroit 1, Zuperior S, Zuperior M, and Goalie Sam + Extra for speed skates 19ft, 20ft, 21ft, 22ft, 23ft, 24ft, 25ft and 27ft