"We have doubled our profiling business since getting these machines"

Brian’s Source for Sports, in Windsor, Ontario, bought an AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC in September. One month later they bought four more machines. Thus making them one of the biggest Prosharp set-ups in Canada. “We have doubled our profiling business since getting these machines in here over the same period of time last year. It’s been incredible!” – Joe Frei, Owner of Brian’s Source for Sports.

What has been the feedback on the Prosharp AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC from the customers?

“Our customer have been loving the sharpeners we purchased. They love hearing the story about consistency, constant even pressure, and maintaining the profile better using the Prosharp system. They love seeing the staff and myself using the machines and are very intrigued. Word has been spreading quick about pure new system for both sharpening and profiling, and we have definitely had an increase, especially in profiles, we have doubled our profiling business since getting these machines in here over the same period of time last year. It’s been incredible! Our customers are even more confident in us now.” '

The feedback from the staff?

“My staff are absolutely loving the machines. The training and learning curve is minimal, and within a couple days of training, all staff could both profile and sharpen efficiently and accurately. We have not had a single complaint about poor sharpening since we’ve implemented the Prosharp machines. We have always been known as the area’s best when it comes to sharpening, profiling and service, and we just took everything to an entirely different level.”

What’s the general feedback on the Quad and Zuperior profiles from the customers?

“To be honest, the Quad profile seems to be a tough one for some people to get used to. We’ve had several switch back to their old profile, saying that on the Quad they feel like they are laboring to keep up and feel like they are working harder. Others think it’s incredible, I think you need to be a good powerful skater to like the Quad, seems like the Elite players love the Quad, the middle of the road players it seems to be a little too aggressive for. We have been having great success with the Toronto 2.”

Brian’s Source for Sports expanded their Prosharp set-up from 1 x AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC to 1 x SkatePal, 2 x AS 1001 PORTABLE and 1 x AS 2001 ALLPRO. The SkatePal is dedicated to Channel-Z sharpening and to be a complementary sharpener during pond hockey season. The two AS 1001 PORTABLE is to keep up with the high demand on sharpening and one AS 2001 ALLPRO as a supplementary profiler and figure skate sharpener.

Why did Brian’s Source for Sports choose to expand their Prosharp set-up after only one month?

“To me, implementing the Prosharp sharpeners was a no brainer. It was going to allow us to create absolute perfection at every point. Level sharpening, consistent blade shape, even pressure from toe to heel. To me it just can’t get more perfect than the Prosharp system. This has also allowed me to move away from the back room and allowed me to focus on other things that I am always pulled away from because not all my staff had the ability to profile, and some were still learning how to manually sharpen. Now all 7 of my staff can sharpen and profile perfectly, and it took no time at all! It’s awesome!”

How will this Prosharp set-up help the business side of Brian’s Source for Sports?

“Word of mouth about our system has already been spreading, and as I mentioned before, we’ve more than doubled our profiling business since we’ve implemented the machines. It’s also great because you can measure the blades, put them in the machine, then go and sharpen skates that are in line, or walk away and tackle other tasks that may not get completed because you’re stuck behind the machine half the day. It’s no doubt a time saver and allows myself and task to multitask. They definitely allow us to get more completed during a day.”