Prosharp® Contouring Template - Hudson Profiles

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Templates designed with three different radii.

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Made in Sweden


HUDSON SERIES PROFILE Combination Radius Profiles, With Different Length Flat Spots Applied To Center Of The Profile.

1061104 HUDSON 1 8 FT–40 MM–12 FT

1061105 HUDSON 2 8 FT–50 MM–12 FT

1061106 HUDSON 3 8 FT–50 MM–11 FT

1061107 HUDSON 4 8 FT–60 MM–13 FT

1061108 HUDSON 5 9 FT–50 MM–10,5 FT

Read more about the different profile's radii combination here or Contact us for more information.

See the video how to do Prosharp Profiling®.