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… "Once I heard the feedback from my players and saw the results. I realized the ProSharp AS 2001 ALLProwas not only a time saver, but a necessity in my blade prep for the players"…

Keith Robinson, Head Equipment Manager, Boston Bruins



Since we purchased the AS 2001 ALL PRO, I have definitely noticed an improvement in skate performance for each player. All of our players skates are now profiled on the AS 2001 ALL PRO.  The 11, 12 foot and 10/11 combination is very popular with our guys and  I don't seem to re-sharpen as many blades per game as I have before.  I would recommend it to anyone who profiles and sharpens skates!

Brock Myles, Head Equipment Manager, Washington Capitals



As a former figure skater, I am acutely aware of the effect one sharpening can have on edge depth and security. I have never felt or seen such a dramatic difference as the Z Channel and the triple profile known as, "Small Zuperior" have made. For both myself and my son, our increased speed is visibly noticeable, turns are more secure and tighter, and pivoting is easier. The most exciting feature of this sharpening for me was the ability to maintain speed through deeper tight turns, due to the front foot outside edge really holding at high speed! I had heard about the increased speed, but proof is on the ice! You have to try it to believe it!

Amy Berg, 5-time U.S. National medalist, Ice Dancing, World Professional Bronze medalist, Elite Powerskating coach



Best of the season to you and the ProSharp team John! More and more positive feedback coming in as our new machine keeps running...only growing in popularity...!

Finally nailed my personal profile after trying the top ones for at least 3 games.

Hands down winner for me and absolutely the best shape I have ever had on my blades (even after always doing my own profiling)  ZUPERIOR S! (80/50 FBV)  Teammates and players on other teams are asking what the H E double hockey sticks have you done to get faster and stronger on your skates...I'm 50 years old and skating better now than I did 10 years ago... I'm gushing like a little kid, but, this is and will be a game changer for so many players...( not just the Zuperior S )

Thank you and again best of the season!

Jason Paradine, SKate Profiling Responsibly at Corbett's SFS in Oakville


Figure Skating



"High precision, speed and simplicity are the largest benefits with ProSharp machines and the result of sharpening.

When we come to Channel Z he said "The friction between the blade and the ice is reduced with Channel Z sharpening. That makes less energy use while skating. Many of my performers sharpen their skates with ProSharp Machines and make the Channel Z in the middle off the blade."

 Alexei Mishin, World famous figure skating Coach from Russia


Speed Skating



ProSharp AS 2001 Long Track has given me and the skaters in our team a sense of security in knowing that we have the right radius on our skates each training. To sharpen our skates very near race quality every time, while getting confirmation that the radius is perfect, makes our technique training even more effective. The importance of having the right equipment, including our skate blades is imperative to develop each individual skater.

Björn Forslund, Swedish national team in 1986-1992 speed skating, Olympic participation in Albertville in 1992, 5 time in World Championship, 6 time Swedish Champion, 2 Time Nordic Champion, Swedish National Coach 1993-1998


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