AS 1001 SC NA

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AS 1001 PORTABLE-SC gives you sharp and consistent results on the move. Now even better with self-centering clamp mechanism. No need to adjust for different blade thickness when sharpening. An excellent choice for those who sharpen more than 800 skates yearly and have an experienced staff!   

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Made in Sweden


● Self-centering clamp mechanism. No need to adjust for different blade thickness when sharpening. *NEW* 

● Even lighter than its predecessor AS 1001 PORTABLE. From 31 kg (69 lbs) down to only 29 kg (64 lbs). *NEW*

● The new dress cover improves the work environment and reduces the dust dissemination. *NEW*

● Precision and capacity packed into a portable sharpening machine.

● Sharpens all hockey and figure skates.

● Keeps your Prosharp Profile®.

● Channel-Z to increase glide and 2x the grip.

● Reduce labor costs.

● Port for vacuum cleaner.

● Maintains desired wheel pressure and speed from heel to toe.

● Hand-built construction for precision, quality and durability

● Knowledgeable and experienced service department.

● More than 35 years of expertise.

● 3 years limited warranty or <20,000 cycles.

Included: MA70 grinding wheel, NDT-3 diamond tool, diamond hone, marker and a brush for cleaning.

For any inquiries around Prosharp commercial sharpening & profiling machines, please contact Bauer Hockey/ Prosharp Customer Service Support -   

Please include your City, State/Province and phone number where you can be reached, so that we can connect you with the correct Performance Advisor/Sales Representative.

We will respond to your email within 24-48 business hours.

YouTube videos from Prosharp®:

Setting up AS 1001 PORTABLE-SC

Sharpening on AS 1001 PORTABLE-SC

Dressing on AS 1001 PORTABLE-SC

Dressing Channel-Z on AS 1001 PORTABLE-SC

Changing grinding wheel on AS 1001 PORTABLE-SC

Daily maintenance on AS 1001 PORTABLE-SC

Technical Data:

Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 10 A.

Cycles: 50-60 Hz.

Power: Pmotors: 200 W. Poutlet: max 1000 W at 100-120 VAC, max 2000 W at 200-240 VAC.
Ptotal: 1000-2200W. Power outlet for the vacuum cleaner max 2000 W.

Weight: 29 kg (64 lbs) incl. transportation box and detachable parts / 22,5 kg (50 lbs) without box.

Length: 26” (670 mm).

Width: 8,5” (220 mm).

Height: 10” (260 mm).

Noise: 98 dB.

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