AS 2001 SC NA

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The AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC is the ultimate profiling machine combined with top quality sharpening. Used by many professional hockey teams (including NHL, AHL, KHL, SHL, SM-liiga, DEL and NLA) along with elite proshops and sport stores. Now updated with double blade profiling capability and self-centering clamp mechanism.  

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Made in Sweden


  • Double blade profiling capability. *NEW*
  • Self-centering clamp mechanism. *NEW* 
  • Comes with a Prosharp® Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Our most technologically advanced sharpening machine.
  • Sharpens all hockey- and figure skates.
  • Ability to do Prosharp Profiling®.
  • Keeps your Prosharp Profile®.
  • Channel-Z to increase glide and 2x the grip.
  • Easy to change from sharpening to profiling (5 sec).
  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Port for vacuum cleaner.
  • Over 50 profiling templates to choose from.
  • Maintains desired wheel pressure and speed from heel to toe.
  • Hand-built construction for precision, quality and durability.
  • Hand-built in Sweden.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced service department.
  • More than 35 years of expertise.
  • Third party certified machine by Intertek.
  • 3 years limited warranty or <30,000 cycles.

Includes: Prosharp® Vacuum Cleaner, 10 Popular Templates*, Synthetic Diamond Dresser, M-70 Grinding Wheel and a Diamond Hone.

For any inquiries around Prosharp commercial sharpening & profiling machines, please contact Bauer Hockey/ Prosharp Customer Service Support -   

Please include your City, State/Province and phone number where you can be reached, so that we can connect you with the correct Performance Advisor/Sales Representative.

We will respond to your email within 24-48 business hours.

YouTube videos from Prosharp®:

AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC – Setting up

AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC – Dressing

AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC – Dressing Channel-Z

AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC – Profiling two blades in one go

AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC – Sharpening

AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC – Sharpening Figure Skates

AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC – Daily maintenance

AS 2001 ALLPRO-SC – Changing grinding wheel

Technical Data:
Power: 1 phase 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, 300 Watt
Dimensions: 50 x 14 x 12 inches (L/W/H)
Weight: 119 lbs

*Template Set: Quad Zero, Quad 1, Quad 2, Zuperior S, Zuperior M, Single 11', Single 17', Combi 9'-10', Goalie Win and Goalie Sam.

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